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MAGIC AND SIMPLE: Exercise Plus Diet Equals Weight Loss

If you have struggled to maintain a healthy body weight, then you may have come to realize that being overweight is a lot more complicated than just eating too much. Begin your program with the understanding that you must combine exercise with

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Exercise Is The Magic Pill

“Exercise is the magic pill,” says Michael R. Bracko, education chairman of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Consumer Information Committee. “Exercise can literally cure diseases like some forms of heart disease and diabetes. Exercise has been implicated in helping people prevent

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Is Your Body a Lemon?

While some people have a natural talent for physical performance, some have a more challenging experience. If you think you were born into a body that’s a lemon, there is a solution. With consistent adherence to a well put together fitness program,

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Fitness Gadgets’ “Must Have” Features

You can collect a lot of data by wearing a personal health and fitness monitoring device. Such a device will allow you to observe how your body responds to exercise, your environment, and your body’s physiological fluctuations throughout the day and night.

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How Exercise Makes You Smarter

Studies have shown that exercise can greatly improve cognition, especially memory. It is best to incorporate both aerobic and resistance exercise into your health and fitness program for the most robust brain health. Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in

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The Fastest Rate to Lose Weight Safely

If you’ve decided to lose weight, instead of going on a crash diet, it is best to lose weight at the rate of one pound a week. If you lose one pound a week, you will lose 52 pounds in a year.

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The World’s Three Healthiest Drinks

Vegetable Juice Most of us are always looking for more ways to ad veggies to our diet. Fresh vegetable juice is a great way to get more! Especially nutritious are beet, tomato, spinach, and kale juices. Green Tea Green tea has beneficial

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Childhood, the Most Influential Fitness Years

Childhood is the best time to learn how to eat healthily and be active throughout life. Kids learn by example through what they see at home and school. Kids take on behaviors they will likely keep for life. As they learn to choose to be active daily and to choose

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Your Body is Your Gym

You Are Your Own Gym is a simple exercise program that I can’t say enough good things about. It teaches the reader how to do a complete workout using only the weight of his or her body. It offers three levels of ability, so it will fit to any fitness level. 

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